"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Abraham Lincoln          

Accusing any widely accepted theory of having been motivated to fool people is not a position we choose. However, Lincoln’s quote does make us believe that anything deviating from truth must have its day in which its erroneous nature is unveiled. Therefore, we do choose a position to encourage tighter scrutinizing on many of them.

 On Gran Torino (Director Clint Eastwood)

     Given what is portrayed as the main idea toward death penalty in the film True Crime, it is kind of unbelievable that the same director, Mr. Clint Eastwood, would have pushed forward  with a film like Gran Torino. Gran Torino is absolutely a shock, not only presenting the vivid reality of a rapidly devolving American society, but also displaying the seemingly irreversible outlook of a bleak future of this once great country. The film so ends: an honest and hardworking laborer, a devoted patriot, a diligent community lover, and unfortunately a white, died hard and died extremely miserably; the merciless slaughtering exerted onto him does not have one second of hesitation when his death is felt so needed. Along with his death is a completion of a replacement of population in his community. Is such a portraying a coincidence that the house of this diligent patriot in the movie is the only house seen with an American flag waving in the front porch?

     No one can really tell what is in the director’s mind when he pushed forward this film: Is he only limited to storytelling? Is he feeling touched by what is more and more hovering over our soil? Or is he  feeling driven by a responsibility to warn of what is potentially looming to this country? Whichever the way it is, this film can hardly resign itself from the effect of connecting the audience with the American future, in which our Founders, when laying down the three most sacred documents for us, would have had the slightest desire and imagination to place their posterity in. Nevertheless, it is how the story has been chosen; Mr. Eastwood led us to Detroit for a tour, for real or for the future. Detroit, what a magnificent city name in American history, and what a name of thunder on our globe; it is once said to be the capital of automobile in the world! Being a symbol of the industrial might of this country, if this city is doomed, how far away America can be seen from being doomed all over? Dreadfully, dooming is looming in a pace counted by days; Detroit just pioneers the way.

     One typical scene shown in the movie is that, with the white population rapidly dwindling, a white neighborhood is rapidly converted into a nonwhite one. How an event happens locally would not creep its way to happen nationally? Indeed, as if Mr. Eastwood has a hunch when producing the film, the 2012 census found that less than one half of the new born babies in America being white. Environmentalists, you cry for the disappearance of the grey wolf in Yellow Stone Park, you petition for the diminishing frog in the tropical jungle, when will you have even a slightest whimper concerning the strong tendency of extinction of a once thriving human race? “Human right” warriors, you pressure the UN to spend tremendous amount of money to save some leaving but obviously worthless language to human civilization, you pressure the US government to spend limitless money to enforce human brood parasite that can only produce and rear children out of wedlock, when will you show a little care about the leaving of a race which so far is the major population component paying tax to support the abusive welfare system you love so dearly?     

     Racial component shifting may not be so politically alarming in people’s daily life. What is closely alarming, with the thinning of the working class who is proud of what they contributed to the country, is the infestation of criminal gangs and the debacle of moral. One pronouncing theme of Gran Torino, declared without open words, is that when the white becomes a minority, what fate is waiting for them.

     To a man, what is more insulted and tormented when his lover is snatched away from his arm and openly told “leave, we will take really good care of her!” While saying so, the garbage in human form keeps raising the crotch body part of his own in front of a lady. The white lad is so violently rejected in a community he sees no people of his own kind; his friendly gesture begging for acceptance is even trashed with immediate humiliation and a hostility that can be seen poured out by instinct. The hatred sprayed on him is so overwhelming as if he has been identified as a direct descendant of some slave owner with ironclad evidence.   Why hatred must be so irremovable? What if this lad’s ancestor is a liberator who dyed the land red with blood for the slaves during Civil War? Whites had way far more chance to be emancipators than to be a slave owner in history. Where, then, is the thanks? It does not matter, what matters is the mentality that needs the hatred to nurture.  Many non-white ethnic groups do have an excellent culture in which expressing gratefulness is considered an indispensable tradition and taken for granted, as displayed in the movie. What makes it ironical is that these non-whites are not so much a direct beneficiary receiving favor from the white in history but just some casual encountering with good will and good deed from the white. Cultural background and tradition makes a big difference in human beings’ mutual interaction.

     Yes, American civilization does have created a profound culture foundation. Unfortunately, the time has been too short for it to be able to galvanize all her widely diversified population. Just like a mass of concrete, as solid as it can be expected to become, it takes time to cure to reach the desired hardness.  So sad to this magnificent building of civilization, before its concrete foundation has time to cure, pest has been found overwhelmingly swarming.  

     Every culture must entwine with ideology; there is no exception. The brilliant American culture is given birth by the teaching of Christianity, and thus naturally and gradually reared by the same. When people encounter the difficulty in this land, the teaching of Christianity makes herself so ready to step in with care and benevolence. This has been another major theme portrayed in the movie. From the beginning to nearly the end of the movie, Father Janovich, symbolizing as the presence of Christianity, appears with high frequency, at where life seems happens with a sharp turning point.   Through a fable style of storytelling with a subtlety that should receive high praise, the movie delivers three strong messages to the audience.

     The first message is that if people keep themselves a distance from the teaching of Christianity, nothing good can last long. Walt Kowalski, the center character in the movie, relying on only his consciousness toward what he determines as good to people and to the community, selfdom references himself to God’s teaching.   Miserably, he can only end up losing everything: heir, property, not to mention his own life of flesh, which is something everyone would eventually have to leave behind, in this way or that way.   Extremely unfortunately, his way is one of the most tragic and mournful ways.

     The second message is what may be led to if Christianity’s influence is made more and more absent by the government’s ruthless intervention, or even suppression. If Father Janovich had not been abducted away by the police from the front yard of the house of the Hmong gang, the blood spewing of Walt Kowalski, a white, may have a good chance to be avoided. Doesn't the Father's abduction give any metaphor hint in our political life?  

     The third message is that, if God’s teaching is chosen to be ignored, the later generation even feels no guilt in betraying the pride and course of their parents. So a diligent and proud Ford worker can only despair watching his son becoming a car dealer assisting foreign cars to dethrone the American automobiles in the very auto capital of the world. Does anyone feel surprise nowadays to find that so many modern Americans try their best to “discover” how low each of the Founding Fathers could have been in history?  

     Whether Mr. Eastwood has intended with a special idea or not, the movie is so ended: a white has made his bed, now he has to lie in it, although all his action is not found devoid of nobility except those parts he confessed to Father Janovich. An enthusiastic patriot, parting himself away from God’s teaching but concentrating in creating opportunity for his descendants to pursue material life, now finds himself no quality heir from his blood line.   No bigger punishment can be found for any living being in nature than lineage termination. A mule, working hard in all its life, must terminate its biological line at its very generation and go no further.   Well, what do you expect? When you do not bring in enough descendants, you just silently declare to have your turf yielded for infiltration. This is only natural, both in the wild and in the human history. Didn’t the white come to this land and see the opportunity to set up a country just by taking advantage of the low population of residence here? The same opportunity was not so offered when they stepped on the land of China during the 19th century. Lesson, lesson, lesson! The punishment of lineage termination is a cold fact, but it seems the whites are either not caring or not aware of. Even more sadly, some of them are even found to have inspired to intensify such termination for personal gain. Will they, after skimming the profit at the cost of betrayng the same kind, enjoy having their son or grandson to be the white lad whose girlfriend is forced to be surrendered for others’ pleasure?

     The problem is not so much about which race will dominate this land or relinquish the dominance of this land. The problem is what people with what kind of personal integrity and mentality backed by what ideology will dominate the land. In the movie, it is so strongly displayed that (1) Shaman, not clergy man from Christian, is more relied on as the nonwhite culture spreads. The shaman is obviously a peaceful character in the movie. However, the same hint can be applied to some other vicious religions, which are just lurking next to the “water hole”, waiting for their turn as Christianity shrinking. (2) Dominance is controlled by gangs and people with violent nature. Yes, the movie still lets the government step in to take care of the aftermath. This is only a routine treatment to calm the sentiment that may arise from the audience.  In reality, it is so impossible to guarantee that the gang members under arrest will receive proper punishment; in particular, death penalty for murderer is not an option in absolute most of the cases. How effective has been the Mexican government in dealing with drug gangs? What has been there to guarantee that the US government would not devolve into a government of Mexican style? At least, the few human debris who asserted to “take care of” someone else’s girlfriend would never face any government action.

     When being exposed to such a bleak reality depicted by Gran Torino, and the future as well, if one does not find his spine shuddering all the way, there is only one message can be delivered to him: Posterity of the Founding Fathers, you have been warned! 



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