"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Abraham Lincoln          

Accusing any widely accepted theory of having been motivated to fool people is not a position we choose. However, Lincoln’s quote does make us believe that anything deviating from truth must have its day in which its erroneous nature is unveiled. Therefore, we do choose a position to encourage tighter scrutinizing on many of them.

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2.    Religion of Either This or That Kind


What is religion? That could be of any belief, any mindset, or any human faith, which a group of people takes as unchallengeable and believes to have the power to guide them to overcome difficulty in life. Because of the wide varieties of ideas in modern civilization, the term religion therefore should cover both theistic and atheistic beliefs.  Partisan politics is by itself a practice of religious mindset, although not necessarily in theistic nature.

Traditionally, people have been accustomed with the idea that religion is theistic and has something to do with supernatural.  However, gradually, superstition on atheistic ideas began to take shape in the modern ideological world. The debut of Manifesto of the Communist Party introduced the drastic beginning of mindset of atheistic superstition. Although people holding atheistic superstitious mindsets are not necessarily followers of the Manifesto, they all begin an era of having some gods walking on earth. They worship these gods in ritual style different from those of theistic ones.   These gods may be either in human form or just in form of some terminology.  With violence or nonviolence, the atheistic people concentrate all political power they can find toward these godly figures. They hope other people also take it for granted to show submission to the same figures without question.  Typically, in history and in human form, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong…have been all this kind of gods in the Socialist movement, or some less powerful one like Einstein in physics, or some even less powerful one like Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel in evolution.

Duplicating the same procedure of god creation, a big population creates another kind of god but in form of terminology instead of human being.  For example, the term human right possesses more and more godly power nowadays. Other godly terms are something like democracy, freedom, fairness, American dream, and racist, discrimination. Many people are so superstitiously adhering to these terms that they believe all social problems should conform to the measurement of these terms and come down to their approval. Typically, for example, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in America would declare only its own policy would have positive contribution toward democracy.   Without due procedure of law, people can use these few godly terms to end someone’s political life or professional career in the court of opinion but not the court of law. Conversely, human right can be a godly term that can spare the life of a murderer or even extend his comfort that an innocent citizen may not be able to enjoy.



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